Dealing with Dodgy Clients

If your a designer then it's inevitable that you'll be dealing with a dodgy client at some point in your career and lets be honest, the whole experience can be stressful, saddening and disruptive but never fear because help is here.

If your a designer then you're a superhero and the dodgy client your dealing with is a supervillain. I've taken down so many bad guys as a designer that I've learnt how to:

  • Spot a potentially dodgy client
  • Deal with troublesome clients & situations
  • Avoid taking on a potentially troublesome client
  • Take control of the situation

If you want to avoid the agro and deal with dodgy clients efficiently then download our free guide on how to spot, deal with and even avoid a troublesome client.

The Guide

The guide contains a list of tell tale signs to help you deal with or prevent taking on a troublesome client such as:

  1. How they'll find you
  2. How they'll approach you
  3. Their characteristics
  4. Their strategy
  5. Their goals
  6. Their attitude
  7. Your faults

By revealing the tactics of a troublesome client you can then easily defeat them.

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Along with the free e-guide you'll get access to our free e-course "How to attract clients online", "How to start your career as a designer (for graduates & newbies) and a bi-monthly newsletter with more great artciles for designers and entrepreneurs.

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