we're a brand & digital design studio in essex

that's enough about us, let's talk about you...
what’s your problem?

our clients come in a variety of shapes and sizes with a multitude of different problems.

take a look and see which one might sound like you...

  • starting a new business

    You're starting a new business and need help with branding, marketing and creating an online presence.
  • is it time to freshen up?

    Times have changed and so has your business. Now it's time to freshen up your branding, solve problems and increase sales.
  • web designers gone AWOL?

    You're having a site built but the developer is unresponsive, incapable and may have gone AWOL, leaving you in the lurch and in need of someone better to help you out of the frustrating situation.
  • want to do more marketing?

    You need help to engage with your customers through creative design and know-how.
  • want to re-strategise?

    Your business has evolved, opening new doors which need their own branding, digital presence and marketing.
  • need technical support?

    Your designer built a website for you and then left you to it but you don’t know what to do and need help to manage it.
why work with us:
these problems may sound simple but they’re not. they’re real business problems that cause headaches, stress and a loss of sales, and they’re particularly hard to solve if you’ve never encountered them before, but luckily, we have.

your brand is our business

solving your problems

our clients have faced every one of the problems above and we’ve helped them to solve issues and get their business moving.

in doing so we’ve created great working relationships and find that clients work with us because...

  • we’re professionally creative

    We don’t do pretty pictures with no substance. We use evidence, logic and intuition to produce a plan of strategy combined with beautiful pieces of design that solves problems with purpose.
  • we want to help you

    We're not here for the fun of it, we're here to help you succeed and in doing so we have the tendency to over delver on everything we do. That's why clients refer us and continue to work with us.
  • we’re experts

    Years of experience have given us the knowledge to look at your business idea and immediately see problems and solutions not just from a visual design perspective but through strategy, marketing, business models and branding.
  • they like us and trust us

    We might be creative experts but the main reason why clients chose to work with us and stay working with us is because they like us, trust us and know we will always deliver a solution.
why work with us:
conceptstore is a design studio founded and run by designer Chaten Parmar who always over delivers for you. if you’re still unsure about working with us then, check out our portfolio, read our testimonials on linkedin or better yet, get in touch to speak to Chaten Parmar in person.


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Conceptstore is a Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Design & Graphic Design Studio based in the Romford and Hornchurch areas of Essex, serving clients in Havering, London and all the way up the UK to Scotland. Clients work with us because they like us, trust us and know that we always provide a solution. Get in touch directly on 0798 542 3845 or send us a message.

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