Brand Strategy & Brand Discovery

Discover, define and design your brand
Branding your business

We implement 3 unique steps to explore, strategise and create a truthful and engaging brand that represents your business. >>

  • step 1. brand discovery

    Our brand discovery service is a 1 on 1, creative workshop session between us and you, bringing questions and data to the forefront of your brand creation.

    By working together and learning as about your business and ideas, we can fine tune brand values, problems, solutions, your business model and USP to ascertain the best route to market via a brand strategy.

  • step 2. brand strategy

    Evidence from the workshop and additional research will form the final brand strategy for your business.

    The Brand strategy will define your business:

    • Brand Values
      What is your core brand? (Character & Actions)
    • Brand Positioning
      Your differentiation in the market place (USP & Marketing)
    • Brand Promise
      What defines your business (Can you deliver on the promise?)
    • Brand Audience
      Identifying your target audience (Different sectors & Geographics)
    • Brand Users
      Connecting with your customers? (User Profiles & Pain points)
    • Brand Language
      How to communicate verbally (Wording & Tone of Voice)
    • Brand Naming
      What the brand name should be?
The brand strategy will form a full proof design brief to lay the foundation of how your brand should look and connect with its customers. We’ll bring the brief to life with step three, your brand identity design. >>


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Conceptstore is a Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Design & Graphic Design Studio based in the Romford and Hornchurch areas of Essex, serving clients in Havering, London and all the way up the UK to Scotland. Clients work with us because they like us, trust us and know that we always provide a solution. Get in touch directly on 0798 542 3845 or send us a message.

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